DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN gives you more visibly youthful looking skin by:

  • Filling in wrinkles resulting in smoother skin
  • Repairing damaged skin, both past and present by helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite while firming, toning and improving your skins texture.
  • Evening out skin tone, revealing more radiant skin
  • Defending against the aging process by helping regenerat the skin
  • Protects against future damage and signs of aging by slowing or preventing the effect of free radicals


THE MISSION OF DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN is to provide natural products that will result in the skin you always wanted.

We believe that no person who wants to make a “lifestyle change” change should have to do so with inferior quality products, inferior service and/or in inferior surroundings.

Our aim is to provide the most decadant products, using the most sought after ingredients, in the most beautiful packaging, creating an experience with every visit.


  • Social Responsibility
  • Business Integrity
  • Maintenance of our brand image
  • We have a strict policy not to purchase materials or ingredients from suppliers who have conducted or have taken part in animal testing.
  • We do not do business with suppliers that pay their workers under a living wage.
  • We appreciate our employees and strive to provide an enviornment where they feel valued, challenged and inspired.
  • We strive to do our part to protect the enviornment by recycling when possible, packaging using recycled when possible, using biodegradable materials whenever possible.
We will conduct all our business dealings in an ethical way with honesty and integrity.

We will show this by:

  • Continuous improvement of the company.
  • Honoring all commitments and obligations.
  • Making sure all communication is clear and does not misrepresent.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Treat everyone with the utmost professional courtesy and respect.

DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN has earned an exceptional reputaion in the beauty market. This reputation would not mean much, and could easily take a turn for the negative if it was not consistently backed by our exceptional products and customer service. A company’s brand is very powerful. The DESSERT brand is an asset that took years to build and is not only priceless but irreplaceable.

DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN exercises strict controle over every detail of its brands images, layout and appearance, display of items, products offered and how they are offered, staff appearance and attitude, ability to make customers feel welcome at all times), because this is how the brand speaks to its customers and every word MUST be sending the correct message.