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Top organic skin care products in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Canada.

Organic Skin Care products: Taking care of our skin will result in a more youthful look. Neglecting, or mistreating it will have the opposite effect.

Weather you are a man or a woman it is never to early to start protecting your skin. Steps taken to prevent or reduce damage while we are young will reduce the signs of aging as we grow older.

Using antioxidant rich products that penetrate into the skin and help increase elastic and collagen will help maintain more youthful looking skin, no matter how old you are.

DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN is a gourmet organic skin care line that is made with natural antioxidant rich food grade oils, making it “good enough 2 eat”, although we don’t suggest it.
Made with NO parabens, NO sulfates and NO petroleum, JUST PURE INDULGENCE FOR YOUR SKIN.

About us

About us - Desert 4 yourskin


Our aim is to provide the most decadent, gourmet products, that work “IMMEDIATELY”


Social Responsibility
We have a strict policy not to purchase materials or ingredients from suppliers who have conducted or have taken part in animal testing.

Business Integrity
We will conduct all our business dealings in an ethical way with honesty and integrity.

Maintain and foster our brand image
DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN exercises strict control over every detail of its brand’s image. From distribution, to product design and everything in between…. this is how the brand speaks to its customers.

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DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN has earned an exceptional reputation in the beauty market. This reputaion would not mean much, and could easily take a turn for the negative if it was not consistently backed by our exceptional products and customer service.

A company’s brand is very powerful, the DESSERT brand is an asset that took years to build and is not only priceless but irreplaceable.
Our reputation speaks to our customers and every word MUST be sending the correct message.


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DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN was created to fill the need for those who wanted natural skin care products that not only worked, but worked "IMMEDIATELY", leaving your skin radiant, moisturize and more youthful looking.

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Official Distributors

Miss MyMy
201 Weston Rd., Unit G1
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 3P1
Phone: 416 849 5492

Analysis In Hair
501 Driftcurrent Rd
Mississauga, Ontario
Phone: 905 507 3535



Are you committed to the DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN Philosophy on skin care?

DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN distributors are dedicated to providing exceptional skin care to their clients.
The caliber of our distributors has a huge impact on moving the cosmetic industry forward. We have a common value system, goals and bond that weld us together, being committed to the philosophy of great skin.

This is about commitment and Dessert 4 your hair raising the bar in the skin care industry. We are a small, dynamic company doing something phenomenal for skin care. We are innovative, value-based and focused on our customers. Our company is a family devoted to making a difference, having fun and creating opportunities for everyone.

Do you fit the Profile?

  • A DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN  distributor is highly organized, motivated and a very hard worker. He/she has immense energy and shares our passion to make DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN the number one skin care in the world. While we can teach you about our products and how to sell them, you must have an intense passion and drive to succeed along with your belief in the product.
  • Our distributor must be customer service oriented and treat all customers like gold, thereby creating raving fans for DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN products.
  • Our distributor is clear about their own business objectives and what they want to achieve and gain from selling DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN products.
  • Our distributor have a passion for organic/natural skin care,  possesses good communication skills and is willing to educate their customers about our products. We want people that are determined because we will always face challenges in this industry.
  • Our distributors must be team players and be willing to share information and experiences with other distributors. They are ambassadors for DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN and must set good examples.
  • Our distributors must believe, understand and share the DESSERT 4 YOUR SKIN philosophy and the values that we live by. No matter how great your sales, we don’t want a distributor who acts without ethics and integrity. There is no compromise on this issue. Our value system comes into play in all facets of our business, in our products, and through our promises, guarantees, services and training.
  • Our distributor must be open minded, willing and eager to learn and accept and adapt to change.

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See what we have done for our happy clients

What the clients say

  • I fell in love with the face wash after using it for only a week. Its exotic scent is refreshing. It lathers well and leaves my skin clean, moisturized and refreshed without feeling tight and dry .This product works well for my combination skin by controlling my acne breakouts and keeps my pores tight. I don’t want to run out of this cleanser.

    - -
  • This exfoliating gel is my new go to exfoliator. I use it twice a week it leaves my skin radiant and glowing. It works wonders to tighten large pores , reduce acne scars and evens out my skin leaving it looking refreshed and youthful without irritation.

    - -
  • The facial nectar absorbs well and keeps my skin balanced all day with just a tiny bit of product. It’s great because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and it’s a great base which makes my makeup go on smooth.I’ve noticed a more clear and even skin tone within 2 weeks of use.

    - -
  • I just wanted you to know how obsessed I am with your cleanser and exfoliating gel. I use the cleanser even to remove my makeup. It leaves skin feeling soft and looking clean and refreshed. Plus it smells great. The exfoliating gel is amazing. It doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin and really goes to work quickly removing all my dead skin. My skin is looking great. I go most days without any makeup at all…THANKS

    - -
  • I’m a huge fan of the face wash and facial nectar, big difference in my skin since I started using them.

    - -
  • The moisturizer keeps my skin moisturized  doesn’t make my skin oily throughout the day.

    - -
  • I don’t have to wear as much makeup…thanks to dessert.

    - -
  • I purchased the facial wash and I can’t believe the instant difference. My face looked brighter and felt more toned.

    - -
  • I’ve stopped using my previous products, I’m hooked

    - -
  • My skin is brighter and my pores are less visible. My dark spots are lighter and my skin tone more even

    - -
  • I get compliments on my skin all the time.

    - -
  • I was going on vacation and had to have my supply, can’t go anywhere without it

    - -
  • My skin glows

    - -
  • A little goes a long way

    - -
  • I love the smell!!!!

    - -
  • My under eye circles are lighter

    - -
  • I’m hooked

    - -
  • My skin looks smoother and younger

    - -
  • The firming nectar works great as a primer under my makeup

    - -

Customer service



As of July 1st 2010, no company in Ontario will be tax exempt.
Customers in provinces that participate in HST will be charged their respective rates:

Ontario – 13% , British Columbia – 12% , New Brunswick – 13%, Nova Scotia – 15%, Newfoundland & Labrador – 13%

Customers in provinces that do not participate in HST will only be charged 5% GST – Alberta, Manitoba, PEI, Quebec, Saskatchewan & Yukon
The taxes will be charged when the orders is processed.

International orders will not be charged taxes, but will be subject to all duties.

Order Cancellations

Because our orders are processed so quickly, orders cancelled after they have been filled will be charged a 20% restocking fee. The actual amount of time will vary depending upon the season, but in most cases the order will have undergone processing in less than three hours.